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1970s LT1 Chevy Street Engine

Engine Builder shared a 1970s LT1 Chevy Street Engine that was featured as an “Engine of the Week” sponsored by SCAT Crankshafts. Jason Ore of 955 Automotive, recently rebuilt this ’70s LT1 for a 1965 Corvette Street application.

Using both the stock block and crank, Jason then opted to use SCAT Pro Stock I-beam rods. There is also a 1970s Weiand X-Terminator intake, a 1970s Moroso oil pan and windage tray, an original GM distributor and water pump, and is capped off with an old Fly Eye air cleaner modified to use a K&N insert.

From Jason:

The end result, using PennGrade oil, was a street-friendly 490 horsepower and 440 ft.-lbs. of torque from 4,400-5,900 rpm with a peak of 453 ft.-lbs. at 4,800 rpm. It’s super fun to drive and sounds like you hopped in a time machine to an old cruise in.”

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