Adam Armstrong: Search for a Champion

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I’m Adam Armstrong and I’m from Beatrice Nebraska and the driver of the 6A Hobby Stock & Sport Modified. I grew up with the best teacher, (My Dad), and watched him build everything on his race cars. When he felt I had enough knowledge, he put me in a car when I was 14. Dad developed a strong engine program and since my joining the team, we’ve continued to develop that and it gives us a huge advantage. When IMCA still recognized it, Dad was Engine Builder Of The Year twice due to my success on the track. Winning races, starts in the shop and its one of the things I’m most proud of. I’ve won 99 features, 7 track Championships, at 5 different race tracks ,and I’ve had multiple fan favorite and sportsman awards. I designed my own Hobby Stock chassis and build them at a race shop, there’s no better feeling than winning in a car you built completely yourself, with an engine from your own shop. Winning is awesome, but as I’ve matured as a person and a racer, I’ve learned that if you gave it your all and kept trying, you are a champion. Now that I’m a father, it makes me more aware to act and react in a way that will make him proud of me. I’ve been upside down with a car that most said was “Junk” and came back and won with that same car, in the same night, that’s how championships are won. I believe in the great phrase, “It aint over til the checkered flag flys!!! 2016 will find me racing a Hobby and a Sport Mod, 1 race car is good but 2 is sure alot better and I would love the opportunity to race with and for —-CHAMPIONS.

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