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David Vizard’s Project

The proceeds that David Vizard’s project receives from selling this engine will go towards the memorial being built for his daughter, the late Jacqueline Vizard.

Attached is a photo of the re-built engine that my daughter Jacque built the long block for primarily to test cylinder heads for my SB Ford book. After the testing was done she used much of the short block to re-build the engine for the 1969 Boss 302 Mustang she was to race for car owner Thad Cook. I did not want to rebuild this engine in the form of the race engine for at 525 hp I was concerned about its life and the point of using it as a memorial was that it would last a long time hence the rebuild in a lower output form previous to that.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and all others concerned for the contributions toward making this happen. Rebuilding this engine has repeatedly taken me back to the times when Jacque and I would work in the shop together. Times that will never be again.

When news of Jacque’s passing spread the amount of response my wife Josephine and I received was overwhelming. We had many suggestions that we should organize something and in some way memorialize her. The re-building of this engine is just the start of this and the way it is being done is the sum of all the best idea’s sent to us by so many well-wishers worldwide.

The plan with this engine is to sell it to someone who has a nice 1969 Mustang that will be well maintained as a show car as much as anything. Failing that the installation into a nice Fox bodied Mustang would also work. The asking price of the engine is $6850 which is less than the cost of the parts. The proceeds from this will go toward the construction of the memorial on the site where Jacque passed. This is in a very secluded scenic spot in the woods of a local land owner who has graciously allowed us to dedicate and develop this location in Jacque’s memory.

Selling this engine is critical to the start of the memorial site development. If you can use your social media to make it known that this engine is available I am sure that would of help.

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