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Tom Lieb Talks Tips For Buying Nitrous Connecting Rods

SCAT owner, Tom Lieb, chatted with Drag Racing Magazine about the basics of nitrous connecting rods.

Tom provided this advice on nitrous connecting rods:

You want a connecting rod that’s relatively heavy on the beam side because of all the compression forces it’s exposed to. In a forced induction application, you’re building up pressure, and the rod is pressing against it. The stress builds gradually with boost; it doesn’t have the shock factor that nitrous does. Nitrous pressure is built by ignition, so the speed of the ignition, and impact just beats the rods up.

You need something made of 4340 chromoly type material for the rod. The H-beam rod would be your best choice. You really see the difference when you have two similar rods on a scale, but one is made for a nitrous application. You can see where the material has been moved and added to a nitrous rod so it can deal with the shock and compression the nitrous applies.

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